Hi! I'm Marnix.

also known as Mux

I'm a creative developer with a passion for technology, science and design. I’ve spent my whole life working with computers and experimenting with technology, from full-stack web development, UX design and mobile apps to custom embedded electronics and everything in between.


A selection of projects I've done.

Pressure sensitive animated LED shoes

Personal project for Burning Man Festival. In one day I build this system of 20 RGB LEDs each, driven by Arduinos on the SPI bus for smooth high framerate animation. A pressure sensor under each heel controls the brightness, so they light up on every step or dance move. I've gotten so many enthusiastic reactions on them that I'm considering further development into a solid product.


I helped artist Tom Kok with the electronics and software of three installations where the viewer journeys through a small hidden world seen through a microscope. An Arduino and two stepper motors drive an XY table to play back a predetermined route under the lens, keeping in sync with an audio track. We are using the same technology to build our own 3D printer and PCB cutter.

Portable stage kitchen

This kitchen block, build by Johan Otten, is used for cooking presentations by Dutch TV chef Joop Braakhekke. I designed the lighting system and software that gives it a slowly animating translucent glow. Colors can be changed to convey different athmospheres.

Dune / Flow (Daan Roosegaarde)

During my internship at Studio Roosegaarde I developed all the electronics and part of the C code for the modular interactive installations Dune and Flow, which intelligently adapt their behavior to that of the spectators. My job was prototyping and debugging the whole system including the design of custom circuit boards and having them manufactured. These installations are exhibited all over the world.

Dune is an artificial landscape of up to 400 meters in length, with thousands of LEDs on plastic reeds. Each 1 meter long module has a distance sensor, 48 LEDs on 24 PWM channels and a PIC microcontroller which communicates with the other modules through an RS-485 field bus network.
Flow is a wall of nearly a thousand ventilators that act as visual pixels. Its system is a further development of Dune with more sensors and more power.


For the first prototypes of this remote learning solution, known from KPN's Mooiste Contact Fonds, I developed a Java plugin for Skype to control a movable webcam remotely. This way the idea to get chronically ill children involved again in the classroom could be tested and validated.


Together with fellow students, I built two mobile telepresence robots equipped with camera and display that can be controlled over the internet using a build-in web server. They where used to remotely visit the STRP festival in Eindhoven and the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.


I have experience with a wide variety of development technologies and methodologies.


  • Javascript
  • C++
  • Obj-C
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS

Tools of Choice

  • Linux
  • Git
  • Node.js
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino (and other UCs)
  • Soldering iron
I also like to play around with things like:
  • Cryptography (check the lock in your browser and the A+ score my site gets on SSLLabs).
  • I just started learning Mozilla's amazing Rust programming language to use it as a memory safe alternative to C++ on ARM microcontrollers like STM32 for wireless sensor nodes.
  • I maintain a couple of wifi access points running custom builds of OpenWRT. I plan to connect them to the house's thermostat to lower the temperature during the day if no devices are connected and nobody is home.


Utrecht, the Netherlands

Contact Marnix

email: marnix@muximize.com